Become an ambassador and invest in the future of JENGA! Donate money, help with materials/tools or invest time and knowledge!

JENGA is a social enterprise that not only aims to be self-sustainable, but also creates profit to support local communities and it needs initial funds to get started. We want YOU to be part of the project and become an ambassador. Especially for the expat community in Zanzibar this is a good chance to ‘give back’ and to feel part of a plan that purely supports the local communities. 

There are several ways to support JENGA:
1 // Volunteer as a trainer in business administration, web design, marketing, consultancy etc. Interested parties should inform us about their skills.

2 // Donate items, items for the Jenga Shop etc. (We are always looking for useful items like old kites, paint, furniture, decoration material etc!)

3 // Spread the word! Inspire your network by e-mailing, blogging, tweeting and talking about what you are doing and why. Write a poem or a song about JENGA, paint a picture, wear a T-shirt, or ask your family and friends to help make a real difference.    

4 // Product ideas JENGA is always interested in good product-ideas that involve recycling and upcycling local materials.   

At any time we can disclose our financial documents as JENGA commits to verifiable social impact. We ensure that your donation will directly improve the life in the local communities. (Of course the initiators of JENGA – Melanie, Margherita and Ronny – are not receiving any money out of the project!)