Cooperation with NGO ACRA
Since the early days of Jenga we are working close with Asilia, which is part of Acra, the funding NGO. Asilia means "Origin" in Swahili, the native language of Zanzibar and East Africa; working with 12 groups from the Island of Zanzibar to produce a handmade authentic local products. Asilia's members produce several kinds of products: dresses, baskets, batiks, beach bags, pottery, carvings, honey. Asilia supports groups from in Nungwi, Jambiani and Kiwengwa Pongwe, Paje and Bwejuu. We are working closely with those groups, and help marketing and designing their products. Acra had been very helpful with the setup of Jenga, and had been supporting us financially as well as with man power. More information on te website: and

Nicoline Lugtenberg - van der Knaap (34)

Origin: Holland / Lived on Zanzibar for 1,5 years
Education & Profession: Fashion Management, productmanagement at the Dutch Fashion Brand (Gaastra). Worked as manager at Bellevue Guesthouse on Zanzibar. Currently working in Fashion as product developer in Holland.

"I see a lot of potential in the SME's the people do have the skills, but lack tools, material or creativity and commercial view on what will sell and what not. I can use my experience to help the SME to make good, commercial products. I can see where their strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to the products. As well as helping Jenga to document the progress of the products and the SME and set follow ups and new goals for them so they will be self sufficient and sustainable."