Martin: "JENGA changed my life as I was given the chance to get a lot closer to my dream:    to work as a full-time designer"

Martin: "JENGA changed my life as I was given the chance to get a lot closer to my dream:
to work as a full-time designer"


Donate your old kite to JENGA and get an iPad or laptop cover from your old kite for FREE!  
When you are in Zanzibar you can donate your old kite to JENGA. JENGA is a social enterprise offering a platform for Tanzanian entrepreneurs to trade their locally handmade products. Donating your kite will help the community as they can make cool products out of your old kite. So this is your chance to do something good and get a super souvernir in return! All products made under JENGA supervision are 100% fair-trade and are sold across Zanzibar and the Netherlands.

Meet the maker

Name: Martino Petro
Number of members in the group: 1
Location: Bwejuu, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Speciality: Accessories made from African fabrics & recycled materials

Martin was born on 9 September 1984 in Shinyanga province, Tanzania. He completed primary level in school. Due to financial problems he was not able to go to secondary school. 

In 2005 he decided to learn how to be a designer through a local tailor. He paid to study with the local tailor for 5 months and was taught how to make many different kinds of clothes. After this period he practiced mending clothes by himself as much as possible. Presently he knows how to design and make many different things from African fabrics, recycled materials or a combination of the two. He makes laptop covers, caps, bags and much more.

Besides his work as a tailor, he also works as a night watchman for a steady income.  His dream is to be able to provide for his family by working as a full time designer.

Comments from those who already donated

I’ve started Kite Centre Zanzibar 11 years ago and am always keen to give back to the community. You simply have to do what you can when running a business in a country like this. I was therefore very happy to be able to donate some old kites to JENGA! And great to see what kind of cool products they made from them!
— Dim, Kite Centre Zanzibar, Paje, Zanzibar
We didn’t know what to do with our old kite as we didn’t want to throw it in the dustbin. JENGA came with the wonderful idea to make sleeves from old kites! So we have donated our old North kite to Jenga Zanzibar. Martin made a sleeve for our iPad and for our laptop from it! The quality and size are perfect, I love them and they make me think of Zanzibar every day!

Thanks Martin and JENGA!
— Karin Lalleman, The Hague, the Netherlands

How and where can I donate?

You can hand in your old kite and one of the following sites in Zanzibar:

  • Kite centre Zanzibar - Paje

  • Bellevue Guesthouse - Bwejuu

You can also contact us directly:

  • +255 (0)777 209 576



Please note that we need to know the size of your laptop/ iPad/ tablet, so that we know what size cover Martin can make for you!