Meet the makers

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Name: Wasemao (“How the people are talking”)
Number of members: 11 Women
Location: Kiwengwa
Speciality; Honey

Wasemao was formed in 1998 as an income generating self-help group. Wasemao preserves the Kiwengwa forest, protects the environment and produces honey to sell to the local market and hotels in Ungaja. The honey is harvest twice a year from traditional hives, and four times a year from modern hives.Wasemao serves as a good example of small-scale entrepreneurship and environmental protection in Zanzibar. ACRA and Asilia have provided trainings on modern beekeeping, harvesting techniques and marketing, which have increased the production.


Name: Tusifemoyo ('Keep Going')
Number of members: 25 Women
Location: Nungwi
Speciality; Herbal Soap

Tusifemoyo was formed in 2001 as a self-help group. It serves as a good example of small-scale entrepreneurship in Zanzibar.
Tusifemoyo sells soap to shops and hotels in northern Unguja.
The soap is made by hand and all the ingredients are sourced locally. Income generated by the cooperative has supported the women to own a spice garden and a workshop. ACRA and Asilia have supported Tusifemoyo with technical and marketing training.


Name: Kuwa Uyaone  (“So that we can be seen”)
Number of members: 5 men
Location: Jambiani Village
Speciality; Handcarved wooden items

Hafidh was trained at school to be a carpenter; in 2007 he started his own carpentry workshop based in Jambiani Village. Currently, he has 5 carpenters working in his workshop. Kuwa Uyaone produces beautiful handcrafted furniture, salt and pepper sets, traditional Zanzibar chests, and traditional Zanzibar plaques.
ACRA and Asilia have supported Kuwa Uyaone with technical training.