Hello, this is JENGA!

JENGA is a social enterprise offering a platform for Tanzanian entrepreneurs to trade their locally handmade products.

The people of Zanzibar/Tanzania have incredible craftsmanship and make beautiful unique products, however, this doesn’t automatically mean that they are able to sell these products and make a living out of it. The artisans – mostly women, joined together – have little experience in sales and are often hard to find: living in remote places, invisible to the bigger audience.

Our commitment is to create a platform that represents Tanzanian artisans & local producers (from Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia and the mainland). Strategically located we opened the first shop in Nungwi in July 2013. On the 1th of July we opened the Jenga Michamvi, across from the famous Rock- Restaurant. JENGA created a variety of their best running products in their shop in shop catalogue. We started with this in July 2013 and in a short time we started to deliver to five different hotels across the island of Zanzibar. In August 2013 Jenga products were sold on a dutch webshop.

JENGA creates marketing materials that encourage brand-recognition for entrepreneurs selling their products in the Jenga shops & shop in shops. JENGA will use the profits from sales and donations to fund training programs in financial, marketing and management entrepreneurship and/or investments in machinery in order to grow better production capacity.

'We are inspired by the skills and patience of the Tanzanian artisans, that enable them to create their beautiful quality products. We’re committed to be the platform they need to make these great products find their way to the market.
By opening the JENGA shop(s) – and cutting out the middle-man – we believe the entrepreneurs can get fair prices for their products, which will bring about sustainable economic development.'

- The JENGA Team -